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19 March 2018


Hi! This website is in desparate need of update. I don't see that happening until the summer rush is over for me.
Virtual Yooper, and The Podcast That Shall Not Be Named have numerous updates. Grab the RSS feeds below, or search for them via iTunes or you favorite podcast agrigator.

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Epsidoe 43, Christmas 2013. Music to decorate your tree by.  Virtual Yooper Epsidoe 43
Also, please note I have been having server upload problems this week. I am working with my local ISP and 1 and 1 hosting to resolve this.

Episode 42 of the VirtualYooper, The Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting 2013!  Virtual Yooper Episode 42
and of course, check out the 50+ episodes of  THe Podcast That Shall Not Be Named that I have posted in the last year.

12 May 2013

New episode of The Podcast That Shall Not Be named is up on the Feed. Check out this new direction for the show.
I'll still produce Virtual Yoopers and Yoopercasts as I have time. The new show allows me to put something out much
faster (about an hour, instead of 5 -6 hours ofpre and post production work.)

Go ahead and listen, Eh?

New YooperCast Non Traditional Christmas Music Episode 13 up for 12/12/12. Check it out at YooperCast.com

The Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting Episode!

Yes! A new, if short, episode in honor of PAB2012 and The Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting.

Virtual Yooper Episode 41

PAB2012 is in the books. Thank you Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche for puttng together such a great conference, and
thank you to all of the attendees that made me feel welcome. It has been a wonderful experience!

Back home, and in a post PAB glow. It is such a great recalibration on life to spend a weekend meeting other creative

Check out episode 53 of LateNiteQRM for VirtualYooper's Big Adventure trip to PAB, and some thoughts about the weekend. (Warning, marginally SFW).  I'm working on a full fledged VirtualYooper episode now. Stay tuned. (Really,
trust me, I am unpodfading.)

Fixed link to Late Nite QRM Podcast.

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Hi! And welcome to the Virtual Yooper Podcast page.
The intent of the Virtual Yooper Podcast is to provide sound seeing tours, interviews, and videos of the Keweenaw.
To listen to episodes directly from this web site, scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the latest shows

19 November "deathly Hallows Friday" Episode 39 / 40, whatever it takes....
OK, thanks to Barry from LateNite QRM for point out the error in my XML feed. This is actually show number 40, not
39, which was a special kids Christmas show. So, click the following link manually, or download the new show via
you favorite RSS reader.. Quick Link to the latest show HERE --->  Episode VY39 Show notes to follow, as soon as I get the files moved over to the Mac.
19 October 2010
Hi!, whilst I get my YooperCast environment up and running again, (and find time to produce shows) check for me as a guest host joining the rest of the crew on  Late Nite QRM

Special Uncommented Audio Features

Eagle River Cascades Audio
This is the background audio used in VY14. A walk down the middle of the Eagle River Cascades with the microphone
suspended about six inches above the water. Ending at the large water falls. About 5 minutes long.

Bell Buoy Audio from Copper Harbor - 7 minutes
As promised in episode 11, here are 7 minutes of Bell Buoy audio recorded at the Copper Harbor Lighthouse on Memorial Day 2006. No commentary, just waves, birds, wind and the Buoy.

*** Click on this link to see a humerous e-mail from a Virtual Yooper listener!  Mailbag

12 Feb 2006 Winter Carnival update! Click here for the pictures  Winter Carnival Pics    

28 Feb 2006 pictures to go with VY3-28Feb2006 Podcast            M26 - Eagle River Cascades and Silver River Falls

4 March 2006 Brockway Mountain Sound Seeing Tour Pics         Brockway Mountain Drive Pictures
... and 5 March Cross Country Skiing in Fort Wilkins


Please enter this RSS feed URL into your Podcast Agrigator for Virtual Yooper (Sound Seeing Tours of U.P)! These epsiodes start with a "VY".

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                VY39 (Really VY40)                Finally, a new episode. Hey! Is this thing on?
                                                                The FuMP Steve Goodie - Dumbledore Live
                                                                Kim McLean - Sweet Tea
                                                                Faubush Hill - Red Mandolin
                                                                The Good Ship - A Harbour Fair
                                                                Sarah Donner - Treeline
                                                                Dave King - Danbury Fair
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch
                                                                The FuMP (The Great Luke Ski) - We're Going To The Dells

                VY38-13Dec2008.mp3        The kids and I just got back from the tree lighting ceremony in town. Wow!
                                                Join us with this sight seeing tour. Watch it with WinPodder, or click the
                                                picture link below.
                                                                Tequila Mockingbirds - Into The Night (Instrumental)
                                                                Eoin Harrington - O Holy Night
                                                                Mano Reza - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
                                                                Project Grand Slam - Christmas and I'm Home
                                                                Darrell Smith - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
                                                                Jimmie Bratcher - Midnight Clear
                                                                Allison Crowe - What Child Is This
                                                                Pictures From This Weeks Show

                VY37-06Dec2008.mp3        Getting ready for the Christmas holiday. Recorded live at the Mariner North
                                                in Copper Harbor. A rather loud fraternity Christmas party going on in the
                                                                Mano Reza - What Child Is This
                                                                George Fletcher's Bourbon Renewal / The Tequila Mockingbirds
                                                                Christmas Time of Year
                                                                Doug Astrop - Welcome Home
                                                                Darrell Smith - The Fourth But Not-So-Wise Man
                                                                Doug Boldt - Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming with Lully, Lullay
                                                                Scott Wilder - Close Your Eyes
                                                                Gary Sunblad - Ya You Betcha Christmas
                                                                Pictures From This Weeks Show

                VY36-30Sep2008.mp3        Settling In. we finally have the whole family moved up to Copper Harbor. Well,
                                                almost all. The horses are still in WI until we can make arangements locally.
                                                This is one of the episodes where I realized I had missed important notes
                                                after I had finished recording. I tried several times to re-record the show, but
                                                in the end, I felt that the first try was the best, so here it is.

                                                **** Last but not least - from the list at the end, I forgot Rick. Thanks Rick! The
                                                whole team at LTC was the reason we postponed our move so that I could
                                                finish my paramedic education before we moved up.
                                                                James Casto - Home By Dark
                                                                David Bennett Cohen - Blues for a Summer's Dream
                                                                Jasmine Commerce - Somewhere In Between
                                                                Kimia Penton - Speechless
                                                                B-Sea Surfers - The Scene
                                                                Marc Gunn - Don't Go Drinking with Hobbits
                                                                Deidre Rodman - Coney Island Day
                                                                and after the show....
                                                                Niko Donburi - My Favorite Things About Second Life
                                                                Pictures From This Weeks Show

                VY35-02Aug2008.mp3        Rip Van Yooper episode. School is done, the full time move is in progress, and
                                                this episode is full of errors! Ya gotta start somewhere. Good to be back in the
                                                podcasting seat in the summer of good 'ol 2007... er I guess that's 2008. And a
                                                hint, the podcast may not end when you think it does.... :-)
                                                                Sandy and the Surf Sonics - GTO
                                                                The Alice Project - Moving on with you
                                                                Hello Dave - Michigan
                                                                Guitar Jack - Angel of Mercy                                        
                                                                Christine Kane - Right Outta Nowhere
                                                                Marc Gunn - My Father Was a Werewolf
                                                                Robert Lund - Shakespearean Pie
                                                                Monkey Shine - Back Porch
                                                                Jesta - Independence Day (Clean Mix)
                                                                Raw Picture Selection from this weeks show

                VY34-08Mar2008.mp3        Saturday Night and no homework! Just a short episode to let you know that I
                                                have not given up on the show. Just been very, very busy with school. Hope to
                                                be back up in the Keweenaw soon.
                                                                Geoff Smith - Hello Hello
                                                                Edie - Nothings Changed
                                                                Edwin Derricutt - You've Got Me
                                                                Laura Clapp - Something About You
                                                                Bob Ricci - Unhackable

                VY33-23Dec2007.mp3        My deepest apologies to the artists for posting these links late. My semester
                                                break from school has kept me very busy. Please check out their links listed
                                                below. This will be mentioned in epsidoe VY34 as well.

                                                                Merry Ellen - O Come O Come Emmanuel
                                                                Mario Ajero - What Child Is This
                                                                Benjamin - Lost Holiday
                                                                Derek K Miller - We Three Kings
                                                                Mindy Smith - Santa Will Find You
                                                                Benjamin _ O Little Town Of Bethlehem
                                                                Nancy Krebs - Mary, Did You Know?
                                                                Karmyn Tyler - Silent Night
                                                                Tequila Mockingbirds - Silent Night - Little Drummer Boy
                                                                Jim Goodrich - The Wassail Song
                                                                Karmyn Tyler - O Come O Come Emmanuel

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer. Another episode recorded from the top of
                                                Brockway Mountain drive.

                                                                Lovesprials - Motherless Child
                                                                Marco Mahler - Hike The Lake
                                                                A Gregory Motzenbecker - There's Always Tomorrow
                                                                Harmony Glen - Lifes Lasting Song
                                                                Crush - Memories
                                                                Jamie Marshall - Vagabond Heart
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch
                                                                Pictures from this weeks show

Midnight Pizza! Longest Sunday of the year on top of Brockway Mountain Drive
                                                with the local Copper Harbor crew. This week my son David co-hosts.
                                                                Ceili Moss - The Lonesome Man's Dance        
                                                                Stephen Geist - Track 2        
                                                                Incidental Fusion - Andean Stroll
                                                                Dark Captain Light Captain - Mid Session Interval
                                                                Jessica Smith-Wright - Straight To Your Heart
                                                                Laura Hughes - Benefit of the Doubt
                                                                Null Device - Footfalls
                                                                Ardent Octopus - Night Worm
                                                                Clayton _ A Girl Should Never Eat Alone

Friday night on top of Brockway Mountain for an impromptu sound seeing tour,
                                                review of the past two weeks, and good music!
                                                                Sebastien Gomez - Just The Way You Are
                                                                Jeff Mallon - Over My Head - acoustic
                                                                Stefan Ludik - Storm Op n Reendag
                                                                Sarah Donner - This Hand
                                                                The Alice Project - Just The Beginning
                                                                Codaphonic - Ritalin
                                                                The FuMP - That Calls For A  Scream
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch (outro)
                                                                Pictures from this weeks show

Memorial Day. Recorded live from my pickup truck at the top of Brockway
                                                Mountain Drive. Very windy and a little noisy in the cab. The Bell Buoy is back,
                                                and cutting lemons U.P. style.
                                                                Justin Roth - She Dances
                                                                Lee Coulter - The Jeep Song
                                                                Pete Contino Band - Tear It Up
                                                                Laura Hughes - Stars
                                                                Libman and Hudson - Roadster
                                                                Uncle Seth - You Don't Need an iPod
                                                                Patricia Paay and the Star Sisters - Medley Remix
                                                                Pictures from this weeks show

Mothers Day. Preparations in Copper Harbor for the spring / summer season.
                                                Black flies have arrived, and are biting! Sorry for the late show notes, this was
                                                finals week for me.
                                                                Kevin Reeves - Mother
                                                                Tim Gilmer - Acoustic Rain        
                                                                The McCloskey Brothers Band -Through the Rain
                                                                Andrew Ryan - In Between
                                                                Dave King - The Fog and the Wind and the Rain
                                                                Don't Hug Me - I'm a Walleye Woman in a Crappie Town
                                                                Peapod - Thirst In An Ocean
                                                                Pictures from this weeks show

Spring has arrived in Copper Harbor, the Lake level is low, temperatures
                                                are rising, and the snow is melting. This weeks show is heavy on good music
                                                with a couple of short sound seeing tours thrown in. Check out the pictures by
                                                listening with Winpodder in Audio +, or check the picture link when I get it
                                                                Libman and Hudson - Jimmie Wimbledon
                                                                Odi - Don't Let Me Fall
                                                                Josh Lindsey - New Man
                                                                David Martinez - Heal
                                                                Chad Farran - Another Roll
                                                                Jonathan Coulton - Stroller Town
                                                                Amanda Duncan - Billy Had To Dance
                                                                After Son - Jazzmine the Grolsch Song
                                                                Albert Forssell - Life on a Beach
                                                                Monkey Shine - Back Porch (Outro)
                                                                Pictures from this weeks episode

Many things conspire to delay this episode. This week, cancelled trips,
                                                computer upgrades gone wrong, and the kids spring break. Also, the
                                                snow is melting, and this is a good time of the year to get things done
                                                                The Undercover Hippy - Snap Back to Reality
                                                                The Lascivious Biddies - MS Walk Promo
                                                                Kathy Pfaffl - No My Home
                                                                Laura Hughes - Count to 10
                                                                David McMillin - Goodbye Southern Skies
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch
                                                                Pictures from this weeks episode

Yooper Kid Cast. This week the kids take the mic! Join us for this weeks
                                                episode as the kids give us their view of the Keweenaw, and music. And
                                                of course, this show is in Audio Plus, get your free player at Winpodder.com.
                                                                The Egerton Boyz - Get Out of Bed
                                                                Marc Gunn - Jasper Tabby Kitty Catty
                                                                The Lascivious Biddies - Neighbor
                                                                The Michael E. Thomas Band - Popcorn
                                                                The Alice Project - Kid Power
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch
                                                                Pictures from this weeks episode

Yooper by Candlelight. Finally, it's starting to look like December in the
                                                Keweenaw, too bad it's already March! And of course, it's in audio plus...
                                                                Sarah Donner - Siren
                                                                Jimmie Bratcher - Dance With Me
                                                                Brobdingnagian Bards - Beer, Beer, Beer
                                                                Danny Daughtridge Trio - Deal With The Devil
                                                                Ken Tucker and James Swafford - Computer Blues
                                                                Easyflow - Lost In Tokyo
                                                                Jimmie Bratcher - Three Chords
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch
                                                                Pictures from this weeks episode

                VY23-12Feb2007.mp3 Edited        
                                                Yooper Gets the Blues! - One Year Anniversary Show, now with call in
                                                comment line. New material mixed with some walks down memory
                                                lane. Some mixing bloopers as I get used to the new Castblaster Pro
It has been brought to my attention by one of the artists, that a song they
                                                put up on the PMN was put up inadvertently that was not pod safe. This
                                                episode has been edited to remove this song.

                                                Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival Web Page
                                                                (song removed)
                                                                Dave Lambert Band - Order Up
                                                                Katy Pfaffl - Someday
                                                                John Statz - Lucy's Song
                                                                Mojo Perry - Never Said Ever
                                                                Pictures from this weeks show...

Radio Free Keweenaw - First Show of the New Year! Sorry to be gone as
                                                long as I have been. Holiday, Kids, and a congested head have kept me from
                                                recording on CastBlaster. Updates on snow in the Keweenaw, Lakers still on
                                                the water in January! And of course, more good music from the PMN
                                                music.podshow.com. Also, I mess up the introduction to Kris Delmhost's song
                                                Everything Is Music. Sorry Kris!
                                                                Jonathan Coultan - Sky Mall
                                                                Kris Delmhorst - Everything is Music
                                                                The Sugar Beets - A Little Bit Broken
                                                                Jesica Smith-Wright - You Remain
                                                                Green Druid - Night Dance

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